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State of Identity Podcast Series by Liminal

Dec 19, 2016

Au10Tix Managing Director Ron Atzmon and OWI Business Development Manager Peter Joukov discuss the role of government in establishing identity (2:45), U.S. state identity regulations (3:30), global ID standards for air travel (4:26), UK vs. German identity regulations (6:10), baldness and the challenges of anti-impersonation checks (9:40), David Cameron’s FinTech revolution (10:10), Israeli biometric ID controversies (14:25), alternatives to fingerprint biometrics (17:05), the privacy vs. security debate (18:45) and the evolution of identity on the web (19:15).

Cameron D’ambrosi @dambrosi

Ron Atzmon – Managing Director, Au10Tix @RonAtzmon
Peter Joukov – Business Development Manager, One World Identity


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